Top 10 Ways to Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are always great. Throughout the year no matter how busy couples are, wedding anniversaries are a great way to unwind from the daily tensions of work and family and spend time with each other. Obviously we do not need one single day to celebrate love or express love for each other, but wedding anniversaries are something that will never lose their significance in a married couple’s life. Couples wait throughout the year for their wedding anniversary so that they can take off a day and be with each other and celebrate the day with friends or family or just be with each other. This article comes up with some great ideas for couples to celebrate their special day. The points given below are sure to make your day great and memorable.

10. Go for a Holiday


Holidays are always on the list for couples whose anniversaries are approaching. So I could not omit this evergreen idea from this list. Just take a few days leave from work and head somewhere to spend your anniversary in the forest, on the beach, on a hilltop resort, at historic places or wherever you like. But make sure it is only the two of you. Going away from your known worlds for a few days in a new city among unknown people with your beloved one is surely a romantic thing to do. Check the numerous travel websites and the deals and packages they offer right now to start planning for your anniversary trip.

9. Visit your Marriage Venue


Remember the place where you got married and took your vows? Why not visit that place again on your anniversary and refresh your memory of the beautiful day when everybody was smiling and giving you blessings and everything was perfect? The place where you got married might be a different city from the one where you are residing now, but that should not play a spoilsport factor. In fact, it is better if you got married in a different city. It gives you an opportunity to go on a holiday as well. If it is in the same city where you stay, just dress up and drive to that place and enter the hall holding hands.

8. Watch your Wedding Pictures/Videos


All of you have your wedding pictures and videos, right? Obviously, you do not get time to open the album or play the video quite often because of your busy schedules. Anniversary is the perfect day to lay back and bring back that album or that DVD of your marriage and watch it with your spouse. You relive all the moments and can even make fun of each other whenever you think your spouse is looking funny or out of the place somewhere.

7. Get All Crafty and Creative


Your creative side has got buried somewhere under work pressure and daily household chores. Anniversary is the perfect occasion to bring that side out of yours and make your partner feel special. Make some card, a really beautiful card, or write a letter to each other with the most flowery words you can think of. It is okay to be completely cheesy on your wedding anniversary. Or you both can attend a one-day workshop of cooking or pottery and by the end of the day, make some great stuff for your partner.

6. Treasure Hunt


If you and your partner are little more on the adventurous side, then treasure hunt IS the thing for you. Hide something really precious somewhere and invest some time in planning the entire pattern of your treasure hunt. Place the clues smartly, neither too tough nor too easy and engage your partner in some physical activity and ‘mind games’. Your anniversary plans get to a whole new level and your adventurous side gets nurtured.

5. Go Out for Breakfast Instead of Dinner


Everybody goes out for dinner. You surely do not want your anniversary to be ‘normal’. If you want to spend your anniversary day in some unique manner, then try breakfast outside, instead of dinner. Plus points? It is lighter on your pocket. Plus, when you start your day with the early morning freshness of your town, you just know the rest of the day is going to be great. There are some really good breakfast cafes in many cities that open as early as 6.30 or 7 in the morning. You do not even have to dress up nicely for a breakfast outside.

4. Enact a Scene from your Partner’s Favorite Book/Movie


Planning to call in some close friends or family members on your anniversary? Make sure they make themselves useful. When you have been married for years, you definitely know what your partner’s favorite book or movie is. Pick out any good scene and engage your friends or family members in enacting out that scene in the evening and just watch the glow on your spouse’s face as he/she watches it in utter surprise and disbelief. This is extremely inexpensive, but sure to click the right boxes.

3. Make a Scrapbook Together


Want to stay back at home and spend a quiet anniversary date in budget? Buy a scrapbook and bring out your sketch pens, stencils and your photo albums. Make a scrapbook together. Start from the first day you met, the first kiss, the proposal, meeting the parents, wedding day. Write short, sweet messages, dip your hands in paint and leave the impressions of your palms on a page of the scrapbook. This takes a lot of time, so you are sure to be engaged and busy in each other’s company for a long period of time. Also, it will take you through a trip down memory lane. Paste pictures from the album, write lyrics of your favorite song or your favorite quotation, draw pictures and make something bright and colorful to mark that day.

2. Do some Social Work


Why not help some needy people on your special day and make their day special too? We all have lot of old clothes or other stuff at our homes which we are never going to use. On your wedding anniversary, put all of them in a bag and move out. Distribute them among little children or poor old beggars on the road. Or you can even donate all of the stuff to a NGO. If you cannot think of any useless old stuff at your home, you can buy a few chocolates or heap colorful pastries and distribute them among the poor people on the road. It will bring a smile on their face and yours too. When you return home, you will feel yourself evolved into a better person.

1. Spend a ‘Technology-Less’ Anniversary


Have you ever thought how dependent you are on technology? Phones, tabs, laptops, television, microwave and what not? This anniversary, try to spend a day just in each other’s company. No phone calls, no Facebook, no e-mails, no laptop. Take this up as a challenge and make it a game. Spy on your partner if he or she secretly tries to use some electronic gadget and if you find your partner guilty, immediately point it out. This can be fun.