10 Reasons why you should travel alone

10 Reasons why you should travel alone

Playing along the dusky winds off the road, foraying into the neverland and trying to burst the bubbles of excitement, these are the feelings we owe to our travelling experiences which never ceases to surprise us. Travelling is that intriguing chapter of our life which we cannot bear not to turn the page. And as icing on the cake, travelling alone adds the twinge of thrill and keeps us on the toes for more adventure. Here are few reasons why we should travel with no burdensome company along with us:

10.Joy of making new friends and new culture:

joy of making new friends

Friends are the one who are lifetime companions and help us sail through the callous waves of life. But when we in a group, the group acts insulated towards other people and we rarely find any chance to peek in new lifestyle, culture and imbibe it. So when we are alone, we can wait but to delve into new people’s life and hearts. There will be more eagerness to know each other on both the sides and socialize. What more to ask about!

9.It’s time to work on the secret wish list:

wish list

If you were to put a coin in the well and ask for a wish, better ask for a travel alone journey wish to fulfill others wishes which were left at the perils of others during last vacation. The essence of travelling alone begins right there. We are not left at the whims of others; we can work upon fulfilling the secret wishes of ours like Para gliding at Mont Blanc or the water rafting at Alaska. It is high time to let the dreams breathe and have fun.

8.Urge to live life on the edge:

life on the edge

Break free the shackles of boredom. Sometimes you have to let go of the safer side and live like there is no other day coming. Pour open the heart and burn the dance floor. Make the most out of the time you have set foot on the journey. Leave the world behind and enjoy the scene. So are the joys of travel alone.

7.Infinite tales to tell:

infinite tales to tell

There nothing more to make the surrounding go green with envy than to tell stories about how you enjoyed each and every moment of the journey, how you braved the icy winds of the snow clad mountains, how you touched every droplet of water in the ocean, how you made sun following you throughout the day. These experiences are the ones which delve into our hearts forever.

6.Eat, pray and run:

eat pray and run

There will be a time when you are left with no penny in hand and when you are in a group, there will be no sort of problem like that. But sometimes being in this state is a blessing in disguise. You can relish from the nearby stall rather than the elite restaurant and have a walk through the woods, have the time to run around them like a child and admire the beauty of the nature.

5.Be in the best looks? Heck that:


Enough of that tidy look and that fake smile the day along. It’s pretty exhausting when you are in a group and you have to be in the best of your looks and manners. It’s time to let go of that exhaustion. No more worries about the messy hair or the dress in which you looked over sized. There will be no one to judge you. Be comfortable in what you have and pave the way for a new adventure awaiting you footsteps.

4.Discover the true you:


You have been tired of working and busy in the tight schedule. Travelling is the only solution to all these. It gives you time to discover your actual priorities. You tend to act and behave far more different than in your busy lifestyle. So unleash the true you and other side of the person every one knew. There will be no responsibility to be burdened under the hopes of others and find the lost vivacity in your life.

3.Challenging self:


There has been a great issue and you know you can solve it. But for others in the group, you still are a naive and treat you like a soft candy. This is the time to prove your mettle. While travelling alone, there will be many problems awaiting your path and this time you have to solve them alone. You can be aware of your own shortcomings and skills. You know more of yourself and in a way you can become more confident.

2.Live young and free:

young and free

The foremost disadvantage of travelling in a group is that you are eroded of your freedom. You are forced to do things out of commands, you feel like a chained bird in a cage. You want to fly in the high skies and travelling alone serves the purpose. It gives you the chance to do whatever you want, wherever you want to go, taste the most delicious cuisine without being judged in the true vicinity.

1.The ME time begins:

me time

When was the last time when you dedicated the whole day to yourself? Even though we have cheerful family and friends to die for, there is a time that you should divert towards yourself. Travelling alone would suffice for the time you pour your heart into your boss’s orders. It is that time which will be conducive for the thrill of enjoying the life as your own boss. Cherish each and every moment of the journey.