Facial Plastic Surgery for Women

A plastic surgery makes women look good, and gives them a chance to live life more confidently. Women of every age can undergo facial plastic surgery, though for varying reasons. Younger girls take the advantage of facial plastic surgery, to improve or augment their looks, while older women do facial plastic surgery to avoid the effects of aging. At present, there are different types of facial surgeries available for women.

In this modern world, today, appearance plays a huge role in our daily life. We all know that good looks today, has turned out to be one of the most important matter of discussion, since one’s face can uplift the complete identity of a person. The solitary intention of a facial plastic surgery procedure is to improve the look of one’s facial features, by various processes like resculpting and dissection of certain areas. In this article let us see, what are the choices available for a person who wants to undergo facial plastic surgery.


Aged women sometimes have what we call as droopy upper eyelids. Now, having droopy upper eyelids can firstly, block the vision of eyes, and also imparts an aged look to people who have one. Again, sometimes, women have puffy bags below the lower eyelids, which also looks bad. Blepharoplasty is a kind of facial plastic surgery which removes the extra fat and skin from above and below the eyelids, to make the eyelids look cleaner and youthful again. Our eyes speak, and therefore it is imperative that we need to take care of the region beside our eyes.


Rhinoplasty is commonly known as the ‘nose job’. People sometimes want to restructure their nose, either by reducing the size or by adding some size to it and this can be successfully done through Rhinoplasty. Sometimes, trauma causes damage to the shape of our noses, and therefore, a rhinoplasty is needed to restructure the nose. It can alter the shape and structure of the nose. It corrects short, long, bulbous, thick noses effectively.


Octoplasty has been around for centuries and maybe, is one of the oldest forms of plastic surgery. Octoplasty helps to treat the ear shape of a patient. In fact, Octoplasty is so effective that it can even create a new air, in case of congenital diseases involving loss of ear which is also called microtia. Octoplasty has been a boon in the field of medical science, for ear shape and function correction.

Chin Surgery

Chin Surgery corrects the chin shape of a patient, and makes it more proportional to one’s face.

Cheek and Lip Augmentation

With modern medical science, today, cheek and lip augmentation changes the cheek and lip appearance for women who want a better and fuller cheek and softer lips. With the use of implants, cheek surgery is done to avoid hollow cheeks.

Facelift Procedures

Women who have wrinkles and folds on their skin, wants to have a tighter skin to look young. They can get rid of these wrinkles and fold, by doing facelift by an authorized plastic surgeon. Depending on the condition, facelifts can be either full or partial. Basically in face-lifting, tightening of the skin tissues are done and also the excess fats are removed from the body.

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