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Remember those crazy nights you spent browsing all night for the best option you’d take, and the second best, the third best too? Wait no more; we present the sanest, more productive, most useful lists you’ve ever come across.

Alright, that was to promote the website but let me tell you a secret, we also have some of the in-sanest lists ever. Don’t believe me? You would when you come to read of 10 types of chocolates which I guarantee if even one you dare to taste you would not dare to taste a chocolate ever again.

That and more, like maybe the best places to go on a vacation to if you wish to die? Why do you still not believe me? Your name should probably top the list of people with huge trust problems.

Lists10 is your one stop for the world of sanity and that of insanity, for every list you ever thought of even in your wackiest dreams. We have a top 10 for everything; you might just read something on top 10 ways to not get obsessed with list10 too. But for that you’d probably have to be obsessed with it first and then even that list won’t help.

But the list would be there nevertheless. So the countdown to everything best, worst and average begins. The tenth spot is just as important as the first one, how else would the first be on the first. So, for every list you want to know, you get at a countdown of 10, a countdown of ten- the best it has been.