Top 10 Ways to keep your Kids Happy

Top 10 Ways to keep your Kids Happy

Life can be very sweet and cherishable when you have lovely and adorable kids around. Suddenly with the birth of a child into the family, the world around a couple changes rapidly. They have to adjust in with the greater responsibilities and carry out their life accordingly. Its really difficult initially as they have to be careful about the needs of the child with his or her life being attached to them.  But that’s thee way it has to be! The love, the affection, the care that a child gets from his or her family gets reflected from the way he/she grows into an adult. Thus parents should be equally concerned as well as find out ways to keep their kids happy and engaged in positive stuff that would cause a holistic development of their kids. Here are the top 10 ways that you can adopt to keep your kids happy!

10. Play games

play games with kids

The basic thing that you can give your children is some valuable time. You might be a very busy doctor or a businessman but you ought to find out time and indulge in fun activities with your kids. You need to realize that the more you spend quality time with your kids the narrower is the gap between you and your kids. Kids love it the most when their parents play games with them. Take them to nearby parks, play badminton, ring ball, passing the ball etc that would not only keep them fit physically but also make them attached more to you. You can even play indoor games like chess and other board games. Just spend some fun time with them!

9. Help them in their work

help kids with their work

Kids always look for some help while dealing their own stuffs. Whether it is their homework or something they are finding it hard to do they opt for a helping hand. And who else will they opt first except their parents! Always find some time to see where exactly is your kid facing difficulties while doing his or her work. Be gentle to them no matter how tired you might be. The more gently you handle them the happier they are.

8. Identify their interests!

identify your kid's interests

It is very important for parents to identify what their kids like or are up to. You can work accordingly when you know your kid wants something or the other. If they willing for something that isn’t ethical or is ‘bad’ for them, gently let them know. Use tricks so that they will not be inclined to such things again. If they like to do something which turns out to be productive for them make them foster the habit more. Create opportunities so that can excel in those activities which would ultimately make them happy.

7. Let them express!

let kids express

Kids are always under limits and boundaries of the moral ethics and values that they are taught. This is actually good. But being too very strict to them, asking them to do the way you think is right very often induces the fear in them to express what they really like. When they don’t express what they like they try to adjust and it becomes literally suffocating at the very tender age. Thus, parents should allow their kids to express what they like and dislike. Kids who express their heart out are happier than other kids!

6. Hear them out!

hear them out

When you allow them to express then you must hear them out patiently. Never get annoyed with kids when they keep painting, scratching and writing over walls, floors and things in the house. It is the way they express. Some kids fail to express through words. They express through other media. And when they do, you must infer to what they mean. Just listen to a kid’s stammering words and understand them. Kids feel happy when somebody listens to what they say.

5. Let them make choices

Let them make choices

This is the ultimate step after you let your kids express and hear them out. Just stop yourself from taking every decision regarding your kid. Allow your kids to take make their own choices. Of course I am sure as a responsible parent you will rule out the ways that would cause harm to your children but let your child do whatever he or she likes. Because ultimately they will have to learn to make their own decisions that would make them happy.

4. Help them get good company

help your kid find friends

Childhood is a very critical period where kids get nurtured from the way they are bought up and the company around them. Kids learn very quickly seeing things around them and try implementing it. Some kids are very shy to find good friends from their own. As their parents your responsibility increases even more when this happens. Find some good friends and company for your children. This would enable them to be occupied when you are not around them and acquire the required fun.

3. Reward them

reward kids

Whenever your child does something good or achieving something he expects to get acknowledged for that. Whenever someone appreciates their laurels they tend to get elated as well as encouraged for doing more. Parents should not lag behind to give away small gifts or reward to their children whenever they see their kids doing good. This makes them happy!

2. Grandparents love

grandparents and kids

A kid must have the love and affection from the oldies as it is believed that kids get along well and feel happier with older people around. Allow them to visit their grandparents in vacations apart from the other vacation errands. If their grandparents are not around make them meet oldies from the neighborhood who like being with kids. They would definitely cherish the happy moments.

1. Give them Freedom

give them freedom

Yes, this is the foremost thing that the parents must keep in mind as their kids grow up. All the above points in some way or the other get linked to the fact that children require their own space. Intervene in their matters when it is necessary or make them trust you so much that they would share their problems, if any. Kids should be allowed the required freedom that would enable them to have their own expressions, thought process, choices and decisions. Just try and guide them and make them believe that you support them in their good deeds. They would be delighted!