Top 10 Highest in Demand Engineering Streams

Top 10 Highest in Demand Engineering Streams


A popular joke about engineering in India is that students first do engineering and then decide what next to do with their career! Engineering is of the most sought after career path in India and even globally and the choice of engineering stream is a crucial factor among students. The most ‘in demand’ branches have shown a constant trend over the years but with the emergence of technology, new branches like IT have gained popularity of late. The demand is usually governed by the factors like placement guarantee, scope for further studies, scope for government jobs and package offered and is often not due to interests of students in particular branches. Following is a list of 10 branches which have highest demand among engineering aspirants.

10) Metallurgical Engineering & Material Sciences


Better known as MEMS, this branch of engineering is considered to be academically less demanding than a few top branches. In general, aspirants interested in further studies and research opt for it. Career prospects lie majorly in research labs, material manufacturing industries and non-core jobs.

9) Civil Engineering


One of the most popular ever-green branches, civil engineering has lost the popularity it used to enjoy historically. Thought the infrastructure industry is on a high growth path, job opportunities for civil engineers have been fluctuating. Career prospects lie in construction industry including infrastructure, railways, roadways etc., non-core sector and in maintenance industry. Government sector organizations offer various openings for civil engineers which make students opt for this branch due to career stability. Academic course load is easier as compared to most branches.

8) Aerospace Engineering


The high demand for this branch is due to the interesting and rewarding career opportunities which it promises to its students. The academic curriculum is similar to that of mechanical engineering in the initial stages due to which various common opportunities exist for both branches. Aerospace engineers are recruited in aviation industry, defense organizations and space organizations.

7) Chemical Engineering


Chemical engineering is a branch which provides versatile opportunities across various industries to its students. The branch is academically very demanding involving a lot of laboratory work. Career prospects lie in research labs, material industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry, paint industry to name a few. Opportunities for further studies open up complex fields like nanotechnology and crystallography . Government sector openings for chemical engineers are many, which make it a popular branch due to future job stability.

6) Petroleum Engineering


One of the most sought after branch since the last decade, it attracts students because of the hefty pay packages offered by petroleum companies. However petroleum engineers have a rigorous career with long duration on-site duties. Government sector opportunities are also ample for petroleum engineers.

5) Mechanical Engineering


Undoubtedly the most ‘green’ of the evergreen branches; it is in fact the one which provides the most versatile opportunities. Academically known for its strict grading scheme, it is one of the most sought after branches. Career opportunities lie in manufacturing, construction, maintenance, service, aerospace, production& industrial and many other industries. Government sector engineering opportunities even for other branches are almost always open to a mechanical student which promises a stable career.

4) IT Engineering


Seemingly the highest demand is for Information Technology if one goes by the no. of recruitments made by software giants like TCS, Infosys and Cognizant. The present times have experienced a boom in IT sector like never before which translates into abundant opportunities for IT engineers. Although students undergo a different course, they may finally end up taking an IT job, such is the requirement of present times. Getting an IT job may be considered a bit easier than other jobs which results in such a high demand for this branch.

3) Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering has been the all-time favourite core branch and makes it to the 3rd  position in the list. However many consider it to be the topmost branch going by the sheer brilliant career one can expect out of it. Electrical engineers have opportunities in every sector be government sector, manufacturing, service, aerospace, power to name a few. Academically, the branch can be considered tougher than most other branches.

2) Electronics and Telecommunication


Making it to the runner’s up position is ECE, a branch which involves coursework consisting design of routers, switches, transistors, integrated circuits, PCBs etc. The branch in overall view is a mixture of computer science and electrical engineering and offers career opportunities in consumer electronics, aviation, communications, telecommunications and computer application industry to name a few. Further studies involve specialization in microelectronics, optics and light waves etc.

1) Computer Science& Engineering


Making it to the no. 1 position in the list is computer science & engineering. The most sought after branch in India, this branch is preferred by top rankers of all engineering entrance examination. The branch promises lucrative careers in India and abroad with hefty pay packages. As far as the non-core jobs are concerned, specialist positions like that of analysts, quant analysts and wall-street jobs are often open only for computer science engineers.