Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Killed Someone

Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Killed Someone

Celebrities live a life where they do not have much access to privacy. Their life is constantly under public eye. And along with their achievements, the dark facts about them to stand out exceptionally. A lot of celebrities from different areas of work ranging from sports, politics, film industry have known to be involved in cases which you might not even dare to think of. Some have even committed murders or caused accidental deaths. The accidental deaths caused at the hands of the celebrities is usually due to reckless driving on their part(majority of the cases). This article is about celebrities who have killed someone, either accidentally or on purpose. Read on to figure out who all make it to the list.

10.Rebecca Gayheart


Rebecca Gayheart, an American,  is an actress by profession. She reportedly mowed down a 9 year old under her car during a car accident. This accident was called as vehicular manslaughter. The actress was sentenced to 3 years probation, 750 hours of community service,  $2800 fine for this crime. The incident had taken place in the year 2001.

9.Brandy Norwood


Brandy Norwood is an actress, songwriter and producer. She was seen as a judge on the show “America’s Got Talent”. She was again involved in the committal of a vehicular accident. She killed a 38 year old man Awatef Aboudihaj in the accident. The accident took place due to the collision of the cars of Awatef Aboudihaj’s Toyota and Norwood’s Range Rover.

8.Laura Bush


Laura Bush is the first Lady of The United States. On the 6th November, 1963, She was driving on a Texas highway when she skipped a STOP sign and ended up into an accident. A 17 year old named Michael Dutton Douglas was killed during this accident. After inquiries it was confirmed that she wasn’t caught speeding and wasn’t under the influence of alcohol while she was driving. She wasn’t charged or sentenced for this accident.

7.Howard Hughes


Howard Hughes was a very famous producer. He was told to be a little eccentric by nature though. In the year 1936, he struck a man named Gabriel Meyer while driving. Gabriel Meyer succumbed after the accident. A witness had decided to give testimony in court against Howard Hughes but changed his statement while he showed up in court. It is believed that he had been bribed to change his statement.

6.Donte Stallworth


Donte Stallworth is a renowned football player. On 14 March, 2009, he mowed down a pedestrain, a 59 year old man, in Miami. He was found guilty for driving after consumption of alcohol. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail, 2 years house arrest, 8 years of probation, 1000 hours of community service and a lifetime suspension of his driver’s license.


Los Angeles Clippers v Denver Nuggets

J.R.Smith is a renowned basketball player. On 9th June, 2007, while driving on the roads of New Jersey, his SUV collided with another car at a stop sign. The person sitting in the passenger seat of Smith’s SUV, Andre Beel, died during the accident. Both Smith and Andre hadn’t worn their seat belts. Smith was caught 5 times for speeding and his license was suspended 5 times too.

4.Ted Kennedy


Ted Kennedy, a Senator, has been involved in an accident case. On the 18th July, 1969, he was seen leaving a party with a 28 year old woman named Mary Jo Kopechne. His car met with an accident where it floated away into the water. The senator was successful in getting out of the car to reach the land but Mary died in the water. The senator fled the scene instead of getting some help to get the woman out of the car. He admitted to having acted so under the influence of shock. He didn’t have to face any charges and wasn’t sentenced to any punishment. But, having his name involved in this scandal, bleakened his chances to become President.

3.Robert Blake

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The yester years actor, Robert Blake has been accused of hiring someone to get his wife killed. In the year 2001, Robet Blake’s wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley was murdered. In 2005, Bakley’s children filed a criminal case against Blake and accused him for the murder of Bakley. On investigation, it was proved that Robert Blake was liable for the wrongful death of his wife. He was asked to pay up a penalty of $30 million.

2.Lead Belly


Huddie ‘Lead Belly’ Ledbetter is a renowned name in the field of international music. His name was also inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was known for his fiery temper along with his achievement in the world of music. He had killed one of his relatives, Will Stafford in the year 1918, after they had a row over a woman. He was sentenced to being imprisoned in the year 1925.

1.Phil Spector


Phil Spector, a music producer, is known for committing cold blooded murder. He has known to have killed Lara Clarkson. He shot Lara Clarkson in the mouth at point blank range. The sound of the gunshot was heard by his driver who was right outside his residence at the time of the incident. He didn’t admit to committing the crime and said that Lara’s death was an accident while she mistakenly pressed the trigger while kissing the gun. But, several women later testified against him that he had threatened to gun them down and pointed guns at them after he was drunk.