10 Weird Ways Earth is Going to End

10 Weird Ways Earth is Going to End

By this time most of you might have heard stories that the world was supposed to end in 2012 (october 21) by maya calendar of Gautemala located below Mexico in North America. Well, luckily that didn’t happen. But is it just a fake call? A science fiction? May be just the dates in the calendar are over and some brain-dead has presumed it as the actual end date? Do you think the world is really going to end? Does science approve of them? If yes, How does this apocalypse occur?

It doesn’t matter. NASA scientists have assured us that the earth is not going to end anywhere in the near future. Then is it the consequence of hysteria of some people in view of many recent natural calamities? Is the hype and hoopla just an eschatology? Here is some food for thought. 10 weird ways in which a large majority of people came into believing that our earth is probably going to end:


A number of super volcanoes destined to explode at around the same time one by one would incinerate all life. This could be one of the prime reasons for earth to end. They can let out the magma and gases to a height of 240 cubic miles of matter and a further prolonged winter. Mostly found in Russia, USA, Indonesia, Ring of fire, Fuji, Pinatubo, Chile, New Zealand etc. Some under sea too. The Yellowstone super volcano has exterminated many mammals in North America. The super volcano at Lake Toba of Indonesia wiped away most of the life on earth 750 k years ago.

9.Planet X (Nibiru / Eris):

A planet supposedly discovered by Sumerians .It is said that this planet has a 3600 years elliptical orbit and when some point of time in the future if such a huge planet ever placed it self closer to earth it would cause natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, Tsunamis etc due to its gravitational pull and thus doomsday is about to set on earth. Most call it a hoax as if such a big planet existed in our solar system, we would have definitely seen it. But let’s just hope such a big planet never comes in the proximity of earth.

8.Biological war

Yea, this was seen in 7th sense movie . In these times of mutual mistrust even between neighboring countries like China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka there is a lot of distress. It is possible in every sense that a probable biological war can take place between countries and end the world. As such germs and humans have always co existed and there is nothing like contamination. But when this balance is disturbed it can be disastrous. New diseases could be invented, manufactured at cheap rates and dangerous viruses could be transferred to the whole country to make the lives of people miserable. A pandemic like Anthrax, Ebola, Cholera, Influenza, HIV, SARS, Chicken guinea, Flues, Plague etc caused more destruction than world wars and can even lead Zombie apocalypses.

7. Alliens:

Allien invasion is another presumed danger that could end live on earth. The more we advertise our presence through satellites, rockets, spaceships the more would be their chances of getting to us. If you’ve read Dan brown’s novel – The deception point, a thought would run across your mind that if any other planet supported similar and equally intelligent life at low gravity their sizes would be enormous. And if such aliens invade earth for its rich mineral wealth, definitely it would be a fight for the survival of the fittest. A similar perspective is shared by Sydney Sheldon in his novel – The doom’s day conspiracy and who knows the aliens have already in our planet travelling in ultra speed or invisible UFOs and keeping a watch on us.


In recent years, many countries have come up with new ideas to make humanoid robots especially Japan, China, USA, Germany . In no time these robots would develop artificial intelligence i.e, an ability to think and act on their own. Most of you might have seen the Rajanikanth’s movie Robo and I,Robot Hollywood movie where a 4th generation robot calculates the probability of saving two drowning people and takes an independent decision in spite of that survivor asking the robot to safe the other one. Its no wonder if robots reproduce and develop an entire new species with extraordinary skills to surpass the human race of most intelligent species and take control over the planet.

5.Solar storms:

We all know that the sun is the major source of energy on earth required for the survival of life on this planet. But what if this source turns into a danger? It occurs in a cycle of 11 years. A time when sun becomes more active and solar flares of subatomic particles reach earth in a matter of minutes. It is said that from time to time all the planets are moving closer to the sun. At some time in the near future, we might come so close to the sun that the solar flares can have a catastrophic effect. Also it could erode the protective ozone layer and cause skin burns and skin cancer.

4. Asteroid collision:

Another expected way the earth could end is high energy collisions generating great temperatures could cause the destruction of the earth. It can disintegrate the earth into tiny pieces of dust. Or a smaller version – It could be a comet, an asteroid, a large meteor colliding with earth, large enough that the dust emanating from the collision could block the sunlight, and the ash which is the outcome of great forest fires could destroy entire plant life for years together. There would be food shortages and eventually death everywhere. Could even send us back to ice age. One such asteroid collision has led to the extinction of entire dinosaur species 65 billion years ago.

3. Global Warming:

The global warming is another major cause, which can end most life on earth. The pollution caused by automobile emissions can lead to warming up of atmosphere, rising temperatures and leads to melting of polar ice caps, droughts, dwindling natural resources. Soon the whole of land mass would be doused by water because of rise in the sea level and the planet would be choked with green house gases. Though we can re-evolve, it would many billions of years for civilizations to form again.

2. Chemicals:

The GM varieties of crops and use of pesticides for food crops have an adverse effect on both us humans and animals as well. These chemicals contain dioxins which prevent reproduction over years. Also the pollinating insects would be killed and the effects would be devastating – no more pollination. All plastics, cockroach and bug insecticides has already caused the extinction of many species. Depression, suicidal tendencies and mass insanity are other consequences.

1.Nuclear wars:


Almost every one of us that the nuclear weapon, atom bomb dropped by U.S on Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki to counterfeit Japan’s war crimes on U.S army at pearl harbor, have been extremely catastrophic destroying the lives of many generations together. A damage irreparable! People were born with disabilities. Such is the effect of a nuclear war. God knows what happens if terrorist nations and super powers use it against each other or the world.