10 Most Unusual Restaurants in the World

10 Most Unusual Restaurants in the World

They might so many weird things around you, but have you experienced dinning at the weirdest of the places with the most unusual surrounding? Trying new dishes lingers on the memory and experience of it for long, maybe now it’s time to enrich your experience by trying these wackiest of places. And make sure next time it’s just not the food that you remember, but the overall feel of the place. From dinning underwater to enjoying your food without clothes on, you will surely have an experience worth remembering in your life.

10. Magic Restroom Cafe: First toilet-themed restaurant in America.

Magic Restroom Cafe  America

Err, toilet theme? Yes, you got that right! California has its first Magic Restroom Cafe which is a first toilet based restaurants in America. The seating arrangements include a toilet seat and your favorite dish is served in plate and bowls made in a toilet style. Even the dishes on the menu find their name from our bodily functions. Extremely gross idea, but if you are up to resist that nausea feeling, you can visit this place for a one time experience only.

9. New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad.


Scared of coffins and dead bodies, then probably you might want to avoid this place. Here the tables are laid beside the dead. The New Lucky Restaurant is situated in Ahmedabad, India. The place is built on an old Muslim Cemetery. Sounds spooky right? The waiters serve you milk tea and soft rolls by moving in between the graves and are now accustomed to their presence. Would you enjoy that cup of tea while the dead’s are watching you?

8. Hospitalis in Latvia.


We all hate Hospitals and the overall ambiance of that place. Probably, if you want to get over your hospital sickness, then visit the Hospitalis Restaurant in Riga, Latvia. Waitresses wearing nurse’s uniforms are seen serving their guests in a hospital theme restaurant. The waitresses take good care and sing songs and play music for the people. We also have waiter dressed in surgeon’s attire preparing drinks in the bar. The food is served and eaten with surgical utensils and instruments.

7.Disaster Cafe in Spain.


Enough running for your lives at the onset of an earthquake! Disaster Cafe in Spain serves you food in a terribly shaky earthquake environment. Sounds bizarre and foolish, but people do visit this place to get a feeling of an actual earthquake. Just make sure to maintain your balance and not spill your drink.

6.Kayabukiya Tavern in Japan.

Kayabukiya Tavern in Japan

Well, after all they were our ancestors so what’s wrong in being served by them? Kayabukiya Tavern Restaurant in Japan has two monkeys as helpers. According to the owners these two monkeys, one day started imitating the waiters and began serving the customers. These monkeys serve drinks and carry towels for the guests after meals. Wearing uniforms, these monkeys bring the bill to your table and in return get the change if any. Thee monkeys serve for only two hours a day and enjoy soy beans as tips.

5. Baggers in  Germany.

Baggers in  Germany.

Slow service and constant probing of a waitress is always a mood spoiler irrespective of your food being exotic and yummy. Baggers in Germany understand this, and is a fully automated modern dining experience. The food here is ordered with the help of a touch screen tab and is delivered right in front of you using a conveyor belt. Break from your old and crappy food service. Get a taste of future dining!

4. Ninja New York


For the entire ninja fan, get served by ninjas. Yes, enjoy your Japanese food served by ninjas who are seen throwing their stars and daggers. Get ready to be in a state of awe to be served by ninjas who specially made it for you in New York, just to serve your meal to your fascination.

3. Clothing Optional Dinners in New York.

Clothing Optional Dinners in New York.

Going for a dinner date is no big deal, but finding a perfect outfit for it can be tiresome. Clothing Optional Dinners offer you the perfect setting without the need for any fancy outfits. The restaurant promotes two things, strip and dine! Well, you don’t need to worry as you might easily shed your shame when you step into a nudes full dinning place.

2.Vampire Cafe in Tokyo.


A Twilight fan? Vampire Cafe at Tokyo is a must see place. But wait, if you are looking out for a charming vampire like Edward to feed your favorite dish to you then you are in for a letdown. The cafe has a touch of red velvet and a mysterious environment for its customers. The ambiance has a very eerie feeling with dark coffins and candle wax that give you a weird yet exciting feel of dinning with the ‘walking dead’. Sip their popular red cocktail drink and flaunt your vampire fangs, if you have any!

1. El Diablo in Spain.


Time to enjoy some deadly style of cooking! At El Diablo, your meal is grilled over a volcano. End result? A smoky flavor to your food. The meal has a refined texture and flavor to it and is because of live cooking over the mountain fire.