10 Indian Youtube Channels you must check out

10 Indian Youtube Channels you must check out

With internet becoming the new go-to for almost everything, entertainment is not being left behind and the main harbinger of entertainment in the world of internet is the very popular video-hosting website, Youtube. It’s almost like a verb! You want to know how to make a cake? Just Youtube it! While there are several other websites that host videos, there is none like Youtube.

Individuals and groups from all around the world host their channels on Youtube, putting up videos imparting their knowledge or furthering the awareness of their business and Indians are no behind in this activity. So we bring to you, 10 Youtube channels that you must check out:

 1. AIB


One of the most popular stand-up comedians in India, the All India Bakchod’s Youtube channel is the one to look out for. Their posts are not only funny enough to get you rolling in fits of laughter but also subtly satirical for you to get their message.

Bringing to you the edgiest humour in town, AIB was co-founded by Gursimran Khamba and Tanmay Bhat. Other members of the clan are Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya. They have made their way into the world of comedy with brilliant videos like “Alia Bhatt: Genius of the Year”, “Rape: It’s your fault”, etc.

No matter what is your type of comedy, AIB will definitely have something in store for you.

 2. Being Indian


Being Indian brings to you everything Indian about the country! From comments on eve teasing to what it’s like to be Mumbaiker or Hyderabadi, they always have bang-on content that leaves an impression of authenticity and raises the curiosity in the mind of the viewers to actually go and check out the place for themselves.

They have over 2lakh subscribers and over 18M views. They joined Youtube in August 2013 and have made significant headway in making people laugh by being original and being Indian.

 3. TVF


The Viral Fever or TVF is the first one of its kind Indian Youtube Channel. TVF is an organised online TV which exposes you to videos in the drama and comedy genre curated keeping in mind the audience that they want to reach, the young.

Apart from bringing you in a world full of laughter, TVF also gives out quirky and relatable content without adding any sort of plasticity to the content. Brainchild of a young mind, Arunabh Kumar, TVF is nothing less than an entertainment channel on Youtube that keeps you engaged through their popular videos including Qtiyapa and their latest drama series, The Permanent Roommates.

They have over 8 lakh subscribers.

 4. The week that wasn’t by Cyrus Brocha by IBN Live


Not typically a Youtube Channel but a title that is flooding the IBN Live channel, The Week That Wasn’t by Cyrus Brocha is an online show hosted by the infamous and hilarious man, Cyrus Brocha who is known for his show, Bakra on MTV.

The Week That Wasn’t by Cyrus Brocha is a satirical TV show built around a format to give humour to the current political and cultural happenings in the country. Also available on your TV screens on CNN-IBN, this Youtube Channel hosted by The CNN IBN takes you on a roller coaster ride every week!

 5. East India Comedy


Built around the idea of ruling the country with laughter and colonizing your thoughts with comedy, East India Comedy is a group of stand-up comedians engaging their audience, not only through videos on Youtube but also through corporate/private shows, comedy workshops etc.

The team comprises of Sorabh Pant, Kunal Rao, Sapan Verma, Sahil Shah, Atul Khatri, Azeem Banatwalla and Angad Singh Ranyal. They have videos on several social issues such as sex education, women empowerment as well as clippings from their stage shows.

One of the reasons for you to follow their channel is that they are one of the oldest comedy groups in the country and their experience adds to their quality of content that simply cannot be escaped.

 6. The Vir Das


You might recognize him from his spectacular role in the popular movie, Go Goa Gone and his hilarious stand-up shows that at the end of it give you a stomach ache form laughing. Vir Das is an Indian comedian and actor and one of the most celebrated one all across the country.

His Youtube Channel features him in various videos revolving around his solo performances and parodies created by his musical band, the Alien Chutney.

Even though there is nothing like catching him live, his Youtube channel makes up for you missing out on one of his shows. Also if you are going for his show for the first time, his Youtube channel can provide you good insight into what you are about to witness!

 7. Kanan Gill


The father of the ever green and immensely appreciated by the younger generation of the country, the Pretentious Reviews, Kanan Gill along with his comedy partner, Biswa Kalyan makes the most enjoyable and funny videos reviewing Bollywood movies with a twist. They expose the slip ups in the movie that results in a comic fun presented in the most hilarious way possible.

His Youtube Channel also gives a glimpse into his stage shows and also hosts videos that he creates commenting on the issues plaguing the society such as Bangalore on Homosexuality and Politics.

8. Papa CJ


Papa Cj is an international recognized Indian stand-up comedian who performs throughout the world engaging an audience across all ages. His Youtube channel is special in a way that it gives the audience a chance to interact with him through his work and get to know him more through his personal videos depicting encounters that would leave one rolling on the floor laughing.

Winner of the Asia’s Best Stand-up comedian award in 2014, Papa Cj’s Youtube channel is one that you must watch because of the top notch content that will keep you happy throughout.

 9. Shudh Desi Endings


You love Bollywood but have had just enough for those endings that are easily predictable? If yes, then this Youtube channel is the place for you. Shudh Desi Endings is a Youtube channel that hosts videos of Bollywood movies but with a slight change in the basic storyline. The videos are a spoof of the original movie making you laugh by the sheer comedy of the characters and the outcome of the movie.

It has over a lakh subscribers.

 10. Abish Mathew


Abish Mathew is a stand-up comedian known for work with All India Bakchod and Son of Abish. Also an actor and singer, Abish Mathew’s Son of Abish is a chat show broadcasted only through his Youtube Channel in which he interviews well known celebrities, including Kanan Gill and Cyrus Brocha.

Check out his channel to witness the best of Son of Abish and Abish Mathew in all his glory!