10 Brands Youths Swear by

10 Brands Youths Swear by

Youth in today era, like to chose the right brand, be it clothing, gadgets, food, cars, shoes etc. they chose brand according to their need, though price matters but today youth like more to other attributes. Some common brands today are taking over a huge market as youth like them most. Here is the list of some brands you like to review.

10. Zara:


This is one of the most leading clothing brand in the market. This leading name in the world of apparels provide a huge range of scintillating collections. This brand has been originated in Spain in the year 1975. This brand is very much famous the youth for its uniqueness and innovativeness. Though is costly and people die to wear it. To wear the clothes with Zara tag on them, is like dream come true by girls and boys. This brand also supplies cosmetics, shoes and kids clothing as well.

9. Lee:


Lee is one of the most famous fashion brand in the market today. It carry over a huge market. It is known brand of denim jeans and was introduced in the market in the year 1989. It steal the hearts of many for its durable and comfortable jeans and not only is this, it has a prominent name in the world of casual and formal wears. If it comes to pick a jean, lee is the best option. It is an exclusive American brand in the starting and now it has occupied the Indian market.

8. Cadbury:


This is the famous and most popular brand of chocolate and youth love it. They are infact addicted to it. “Jee Lalchaye Raha na jaaye” is the Cadbury phrase. Who would not love chocolates, Cadbury has occupied a huge market. The sweetness of the chocolate as it melts down in the mouth, it gives a heavenly experience. The fresh and rich taste of Cadbury tempt us to have another one. It is liked by not even youth but family too as this brand is very much close to the hearts.

7. Mercedes:


It is the famous brand of cars it is super luxurious and expensive car in the market today. This royal car is not in the bag of everyone but everyone wants to have it. It rules the hearts of youth, this splendid car has durable seating options and total comfort. The classy and rich looks attracts every youth towards it. The interiors are awesome and the exteriors have been painted about eight times accounting for its overall longevity.

6. Armani:


This brand is the king of leather goods in the market. This is an Italian fashion brand and loads with various unique and exotic hand bags. Every girl wants to carry Armani hand bag. These bags are made up of durable and long lasting leather material and available in different style and colors. Though expensive but gives all the feel of carrying an extraordinary bag in hand.

5. Tommy Hilfiger:


This brand is very much popular among youth and a popular brand for wallets as it provides the best quality and unique style. The unique craftmenship takes it to the top choice of youth. Just a glimpse of it and you can easily catch the brand. The high standards and high popularity brings this American lifestyle brand to India. Its products come in cool and funky styles. The slim look of the wallets are very famous and apart from the wallets, there are clothes, shoes, watches and glasses are available in the market.

4. Rolex:


If you want to buy an extreme unique model of watch, Rolex would be the right choice. It is a famous and expensive brand of watch. This terrific brand is a dream of many with royal style. This is a Switzerland brand and owned by all aristocrats. It has gold and diamond studded all around the watch and is made of cutting-edge technology which takes it to the top of the list of branded watches.

3. Ray Ban:


It is a famous brand for sun glasses and has left an astounding mark in the market. This is best choice for both men and women and is the most picked brand. Different colours and sizes are available. It protects the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and the soothing, cooling effect makes it perfect choice. It is an Italian brand and introduced in the market in the year 1937.

2. Nike:


This is a most liked brand for shoes. This brand has covered the shoe market. This brand provides all the comfort to the legs and is expensive. Though it is not in the reach of everyone but it tempted everyone. It has a huge dominance over the market.



And who does want to have apple gadgets. It is the number one brand in the market foe the gadgets. It provides not only phones with extraordinary features but also laptops, earphones and lot more. It his is a very reliable brand though expensive. As its tag line says “Think Different” it is dominating the market. Form iPods to iPhones, it entice the hearts of all. It is a dream of every other youth. Not only boys but girls love the apple products too.