Top 10 Great Ways to Create More Space in a Cluttered Home Office

Top 10 Great Ways to Create More Space in a Cluttered Home Office

If you are starting your company or you are a doctor and thinking of opening clinic and finding it hard to find space or not comfortable looking at your home office cluttered. You are thinking of ways to utilise space and making your office look inviting to visitors. Here are some tips to make this happen.

10. Make a specific place for papers


Stationary and loose papers are the necessityof an office and also they lead to a messy and cluttered office. If you are running an office in your home, first thing to do and step is to make a necessary and specific place for the papers. If you are an architect then you need to have place for paper for every sizes. Tray and folders can be very helpful or specific places in the shelf or in some cases you can make space underneath your table.

9. Make a shelf for non-essential things


You want seriously to make your office DE-cluttered and save some space you need to get rid of non-essential things. It is very difficult though! But you have to make this as your first rule. Unnecessary items like decorative items, pot, tea maker, etc.  should be removed. As you have to save space you definitely have to compromise on the decorative things. If there are things which have to be used but not very frequent, you can make a small vertical shelf and adjust all the things neatly. It will also help your office look efficient.

8. Give extra things with you to charity


There are many things which are not required in day to day life but we still keep them thinking about the money we have spent on them. In a typical home office 25% of the space is cluttered with the extra things. It can be anything from a table to chair or to a pen. Simple solution to this – Give all those items to charity. It will save you space and give you an extra blessing too.

7. Get your home and office wire cables neatly arranged


There are many gadgets which is needed in office and home .From TV to phone. Every gadget has its own cable. It is very messy sometimes to DE-clutter cables. You must be using computer in your office,they form most of the mess. You can tie them together or you can tape it underneath your table. Or to be every efficient you can buy your work table which have fittings which can hold the wire and you can simply connect your things on one side and connect it on the other side.

6. Create storage in walls


If you are finding it hard to make spaces for the essential things like shelves or your television or your computer, you can make space in your wall. If you have a thick wall you can even make a good space for your shelves. You can also attach your computer screen on the wall to save space on the table. You can simply hide your most of the things like Wi-Fi router or some other devices behind other things. Many fixtures are available in the market for the same.

5. Optimise the use of vertical storage


Want to utilise your every square inch ,start thinking vertically .vertical storages like shelves or book shelves , vertical storage solution helps you utilise space more efficiently . You can use high shelves for items which are not used frequently and can use ladder or stool whenever needed. It makes your office efficient and at the same time stylish and clean.

4. Get a space efficient work table for your office


Most home offices lack a good table. Some have too big work table so that papers and all the essential things can be kept on the same with keyboard, mouse and all other things. It looks untidy and at the same time gives visitor not so good feeling about you. A simple solution is to get a small but efficient table. Small table does not compromise on space but it handles space efficiently. You can buy table which has loads of drawers, a separate fixture for your keyboard, mouse, and bin. You can utilise the above space with a glass to keep underneath important articles.

3. Say NO to over furnishing and get rid of tempted colors



It is difficult to give away things which we like. Over furnishing can take more space which can otherwise be used by more important things. When you go shopping for your office it’s hard to not shop for the things you like. Some decorative accessories can do the work but over furnishing make your office more unpleasant and cluttered. Home office no doubt is small, if you use more decorative colours, office look small and too much colours on the small wall are uncomforting. In fact simple and light colours gives a gorgeous feel to you and your visitors.

2. Make strict rules and teach your family about using things, noises, interruption


You cannot DE-clutter your office on your own. You need to make some rules for the people you are living with whether your family or your roommates. Setting some ground rules and persuading them to help you make the space clean is necessary. It should be made clear that though the office is part of the home, still nothing of personal use except the things explicitly of office use should be kept in the office.Although you should not be hard and force your decision but convince them that it will benefit them too.

1. Reboot yourself for DE-cluttering every week


One day you wake up and start from the scratch to DE-clutter your home office. It takes time and patience. And if have done so much hard work, it should definitely not be wasted by DE-cluttering again. Make a time table every week for DE-cluttering and cleaning. Make a specific place for everything in home and office and don’t forget to keep the things in their place. One pen also counts to clutter the office.