Top 10 most collected objects

Top 10 most collected objects

It is very important that we spend our leisure in a productive manner. We can indulge in a lot of activities like gardening, painting and much more. One such great hobby to pursue is collecting objects. One can collect stamps, coins, fine arts, comic books etc. Moreover, due to the high valuations of these rare collections, one can also earn huge sums of money by selling these collections. So here’s a list of top 10 most collected objects that can make you rich:

10. Wine

wine collection

Wine collecting has emerged as one of the favourite pastime among the younger generations. Novice connoisseurs who have just started with their collections have realised that this rare collection does not require much of investment (but some sort of investment is needed). As a beginner, maintaining an elegant rack of wine is a good idea! However, we need to keep in mind two important things: firstly, improper storage can ruin the quality of wine. Secondly, the value of wine decreases after its prime time. Knowledge of the age of your wine is important. Moreover, maintaining a balance between new age wine from Australia and Old world wine from Europe can even fetch you extra money.

9. Fine arts

fine arts

Artwork is one of the prime domains for the collectors. Often, the main aim is to discover the raw talent of new artists. The trading of these art works has proven to be extremely successful thereby allowing the collectors to earn great fortunes. However, one needs to utilise their funds in a prudent manner while buying a piece of art and this calls for in-depth research before starting with your collection.

8. Antique coins

antique coins

The hobby of collecting coins is also known as the” hobby of the kings”. King Augustus loved to collect old coins from his friends. However, when it comes to old coins; there are lot of things one need to keep in mind such as the number of copies issued, the mintage, and the unique characteristics etc. which determine the value of the coins.  It is an interesting hobby which allows the collector to store and preserve history. Coin hoarders are similar to investors who take risks while investing in coins.

7. Vintage bicycles

vintage bicycles

This one is a great hobby for all the bicycle enthusiasts. However, maintaining the rare collection of vintage bicycles isn’t easy! One must have complete knowledge of the engineering and designs of the bicycles produced over time. Also, one needs to take care of the storage, maintenance and cost as well.

6. 19th century dolls

doll collection

The collection of all those beautiful dolls of the 19th century era is surely worth it! These antique dolls can be worth thousands of dollars which makes it a perfect investment option. The minute details of the doll’s structure tell us about the craftsmanship of that era. But collectors must understand the distinction between the china dolls and bisque dolls.

5. Comic books

comic books

We all love reading comic books. What about collecting all those classic comics? Isn’t it a great hobby? Moreover, once you have collected enough comic books, you can choose to set up your own library and earn money by giving away those books on rental basis. Before starting with your collection, choose your favourite character or a few of them so that you are not lost in the world of comics. Once you start with a particular issue of a book, don’t lose track of the previous versions and read the old version online or get hold of the trade paper backs. Attend the comic books convention and socialise with other crazy comic lovers like you!

4. Railroad lantern

railroad lantern

In an era when there were no street lights and GPS, railroad lanterns played an important role. Moreover, they remind us of a period when trains were largely run by steam power. There can be several reasons that motivate the collectors to collect railroad lanterns. For some, they can be thought of as a connection with the bygone era of working railroaders. For other kind of collectors, the intricate design and structure of the lanterns is the most appealing. That’s why; the railroad collection has emerged as a popular hobby. However, before starting the collection, we must distinguish between a lamp and lantern. While lantern is a metal cage which contains a transparent globe as the light source, lamps are essentially metal cylinders having lenses to transmit light.

3. Toy mechanical bank

toy mechanical bank

Ah, we all must have used one or two mechanical bank to store our savings during our childhood! These toy mechanical banks indeed make the art of saving money a fun activity! It isn’t surprising that there are some of us who like to collect the antique mechanical banks. The wide collection include semi-mechanical banks which possess features like ringing bells, registering banks which release the entire money after a certain amount of money has been collected and others.

2. Action figure

action figures

Who’s your favourite action figure?  The best thing about action figures collecting is that their value increase with the passage of time. Isn’t it cool? So before starting with your collection, choose the genre for your collection; often they belong to a particular movie like Star wars etc. Get track of the currently released figures as well as the previously released figures. Finally manage your collection and set up a little museum kind of thing to display the rare collection!

1. Rare records

rare records

What makes your record collection valuable? Probably, it is the lack of availability of these records in the vinyl record world. The scope of collection include particular genre of music, music format, music belonging to a particular era, records by artists etc. You can start with any!