Freedom – Just a Appellation

Freedom – Just a Appellation

In 21st century, freedom is just a word. Every mortal is in the clutches of something. That something could be desire, ardor, regulation, wrath, possessiveness, feelings etc. Every human being pretend that he/she is free but in reality he/she is not. Human being has a tendency to acquire extreme knowledge that leads to his/her downfall. God,the creator of universe has put each and everything in its own suitable place. If he/she tends to rise up, it will leads to his ruination. So extreme hunger for anything leads him/her not to prone to freedom.

Freedom is a state ,when individuals thinks that he is free to do anything. He wish to fly in the sky like a bird ,want to reach the position which he has dreamt of since from childhood. Its not to wrong to feel the essence of freedom. Freedom can only be achieved when the path taken to achieve something is right. When you are free from desires and lust ,the two opponents of individuals, you start feeling that you are free. Sometime when you feel lonely,you wish to on a path where there is no one to identify you,a world where there is freedom to do anything which you wish to do.

You have the freedom but you cannot go beyond the certain space. It is just like you can fly in the sky, but cannot go beyond the horizons. A bird in the cage who can fly only in the cage, if tries to break it, the bird will be hunted by the hunter. Now the question arises what is freedom and in which state you can say that, you are free to explore the world. Hence the individual can only answer these questions in his own manner. But for me freedom is in the reading the books and writing article.
In the world of novels only, I feel that I am free. This world is better than utopic world. Utopic world does’nt exist in reality, but the real fact is that the real world is utopic world itself. We say that we live in 21st century, where we are free. But in reality we are not free, as it is a utopic world. A world where everyone is puppet in hands of desire, lust, possessiveness and feelings.Now I would like to tell how these factors helps us not to get freedom. We are in the clutches of these factors.

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• Desire = Desire is a thing which arise every second in the heart of human being. When we see new brands, clothes and mobiles etc, we have a hunger to get them off. As a result our real hunger to chase our dream get side off. As these new desires arises in the mind, our mind starts working in the direction of these wasteless desires. We should try to control our desires. As our desires led away our freedom, the freedom to achieve dream.



• Lust = Lust is the feeling of desire in the body. It can be in any figure, lust for knowledge or lust for sexual pleasure. Human being should not to have a lust for extreme knowledge. Hunger for extreme knowledge leads to downfall just like the image of Icarus, a classical mythical figure who tries to fly in the sky and in the end fails. As a result, individual’s extreme hunger for knowledge leads to his downfall. To satisfy the sexual appetite, one easily get ready to lose his freedom.There is a proper time for every task. It is a human tendency to get attracted to other sexes, as just like a magnet. Instead of this we should have a lust for freedom.



• Regulations = It is general believe that rules are made to broke. But that’s wrong, regulations are made to follow not to break them. If rules were not there, every individual do whatever he /she wishes. Misuse of freedom will lead to our failure. Rules should be made by keeping in mind ,that it should give enough freedom so that individual does not feel suffocated in the atmosphere. So we must follow the rules in our life, as they provide a certain kind of decorum.



• Possessiveness = A emotion which separates the individuals from his friends or relatives. Jealousy is a green eyed monster ,if it enters in the mind it takes the individual freedom. The mind all the time will think about how to take grudge from the enemy. Hence the freedom to think positive get lost. The negativity leads to deviate our mind from the thinking of success.



• Feelings = Life is a play or drama where each individual is a character. It is natural to express feelings. But these days, one does not express his feelings easily to anyone.
Feelings are the natural phenomena which arise naturally, no one is able to control them. So start expressing your feelings ,you will be free from the burden.