Top 10 Royal Weddings List

Top 10 Royal Weddings List

Marriage ceremony is the one that ties two souls of two people in one. The wedding ceremony is a remarkable day in very person’s life, be it a farmer or an industrialist or even someone from the royalty. But the difference is that the royal weddings are remembered for long and by many. Due to the growing media and television industry, many can witness this celebration of love all over the globe. The royal weddings are generally telecasted for the viewers and get a lot of attention. Some of the most lavish and most remembered royal weddings till today are mentioned below.

10. Queen Beatrix and Claus von Amsberg


The Queen of Netherlands got married in Amsterdam having a big celebration and demonstration for her marriage with Claus von Amsberg. She became the Queen of Netherlands when Queen Juliana steeped down the throne in 1980. Their wedding was very big and celebrated with great enthusiasm.

9. Prince Philippe and Mathilde d’Udekern d’Acoz


The prince of Belgium, Prince Philippe married to Mathilde d’Udekern d’Acoz in Europe in the chilling weather. When the prince takes over the throne his wife will be called Princess Mathilde. She will be the first queen to be from Belgium and only one married to royalty in her family. They got married lavishly and amazingly in the year 1999 and have four children ever since.

8. Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling


“Europe’s biggest royal wedding after the marriage ceremony of Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer” was the wedding of the Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Vastergotland, Victoria. The wedding took place on 19th June 2010 at the Stockholm Cathedral with around 1200 guests including the royal families from all over the world. Daniel Westling was a personal trainer for Victoria at Master Training. They were spotted kissing each other in July 2002 at a birthday party. They announced the marriage in 2009 and got engaged. There were problems as Daniel was not a royalty but things worked out and they lavishly celebrated this bond of marriage. The wedding was telecasted and was witnessed by more than 500 million people. The wedding was on 19 June which was the 34th wedding anniversary of the Princess’ parents.

7. Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly


In May 1955 Cannes Film Festival, the Hollywood beauty icon Grace Kelly met the handsome and charming prince Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. Grace Kelly, the silver screen star was invited to the royal palace to get photographed with the very good looking Rainier who was 32 years old then. Eight months after this event, the handsome and charming royal proposed to Grace Kelly with a 12-carat diamond ring of emerald and a friendship band made with diamonds and rubies. They got engaged in January 1956. They had two wedding ceremonies – one civil marriage and the other a religious ceremony because according to the tradition of Monaco, the prince should have a civil marriage before a religious marriage. The civil marriage ceremony was titled as ‘The wedding of the century’. In the Palace of Monaco, the baroque throne room was the one to hold the legal wedding of the two beautiful and lovable souls on 18 April 1956. The day after, they held a religious marriage ceremony at the Cathedral of Monaco.

6. King Frederik and Mary Donaldson


The Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederik met his love, Mary Donaldson on 16th September 2000 when he visited Sydney, Australia for the Summer Olympics of 2000. Frederik was considered as the most desirable and most eligible bachelor till he got engaged in 2003. Mary Donaldson was working as a marketing consultant. Queen Margethe declared on 8 October 2003 in the Council of the State that she consents for the wedding. On 14th March 2004, the exchanged vows at the Copenhagen Cathedral, at Copenhagen. After the royal wedding, Mary Donaldson officially became the Crown Princess of Denmark. They were the fairytale couples for the world and wedding was also praised like a wedding in some fairytale.

5. Princess Hajah Majeedah Nuurul Bulqiah (Bolkiah)


One of the most amazing announcements to the world was that the Princess, the daughter of Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah was about to marry Khaiul Khalil who was a civil servant but was one of the richest man on the planet. The wedding was one of the most lavishing and eye-catching event. The princess of the oil rich nation of Burnei was 31 years old when she married her love and they exchanged their vows in June 2007. Their marriage was a celebration for two weeks. It was a combined celebration of the victory of the king in gaining rule over the South East Asian countries. The wedding ceremony held at the domed state palace had more than two thousand guests who came together to bless the royal couple.

4. King Abdullah II and Queen Rania


Abdullah, the royal Prince (son of the King of Jordan – Hussein) got married to Rania.  Rania was the training executive at Apple (the leading IT company manufacturing iPhones) and was great at her job. King Abdullah II fell in love with her at her first sight. They met for the first time at a dinner organized by sister of the Prince. Later that year on June 10, 1993, they got married and tied the bond. For Rania, he was just a handsome and intelligent military man who turned out to be the royalty of Middle East and the son of most powerful man, i.e., the King over there. For a girl like her, it was only a dream to marry a charming prince. Abdullah was ordained as the King of Jordan in the year 1999.

3. King Edward and Wallis Simpson


The most famous couple out of the list of royalty couples is this particular one. Their wedding is also a historically important and controversial event of United Kingdom. King Edward VIII met Wallis Simpson when she was married for the second time. Both her marriages turned out to be failed unfortunately. She already was divorcee from her first husband and was about to get divorced to the second husband as well. The prime minister Stanley Baldwin and the Dominions of the United Kingdom were strictly against the King marrying a divorcee and never agreed to accept her as the queen of United Kingdom. The prime minister said that he would resign if this wedding took place which will create a need for the general elections. The entire act would harm the King’s reputation. Knowing all this, King Edward still married Wallis Simpson in a royal manner and his younger brother Albert took over his throne after this wedding. That’s why, King Edward only served the throne for 325 days.

2. Prince Charles and Lady Diana Francis Spencer


The live telecasted wedding and one of the most royal weddings of all times is the wedding of Prince Charles of Whales and Lady Diana Francis Spencer. They royal couple got married on 29th July 1981 at the St. Paul’s Cathedral which is a famous landmark in United Kingdom. People started calling this as wedding of fairy tales and were mesmerized by the wedding for not just the bride and the groom but for the whole world. There were more than 750 million who witness this royal and romantic celebration of two young souls.

1. Prince William and Kate Middleton


The most recent and one of the most lavish weddings of the world was the one where Prince William and Kate Middleton married each other. The wedding was on 29th April 2011 and it was a Friday morning making it even better and convenient for the attendees. Prince Charles of Whales’ eldest son, Prince William met Kate Middleton while they both were students of the University of St. Andrews in the year 2011. Prince William stands second chance in the line of succession to the throne of Britain. The wedding was so special that the day was declared a public holiday in UK. The wedding dress of the bride was designed by Sarah Burton, who is a famous designer from London. On the other hand, the wedding dress for the groom was a Irish Guard uniform.