10 Tips to Control Anger

10 Tips to Control Anger

Humans are distinct creatures. We are carefully built with a wide range of emotions- love, anger, hatred, sadness, depression, frustration. The most destructive one is anger, no doubt. It destroys relationships even to irreparable extents. Anger brings in ego with itself, which makes us utter sheer nonsense and we hurt people intentionally. Not only relationships, anger also affects our career at times. The worst part about anger is we intentionally hurt people around us. We have read many articles about how to control anger etc. but it is tough to implement those measures when we lose temper. This article again tells readers the measures to control anger. But these tips are really easy to follow and easy to remember as well. Go through the following points and they are sure to help you the next time you lose your temper.

 10. Take a long, deep breath


Now this is one point you will get to see everywhere and hear from everybody. That’s because this really works. And it is not even difficult. Just when you are about to open your mouth, stop for a moment and take a long and deep breath. The inner system really cools down and the stress starts releasing right from the first breath. Continue the process for some time, and the entire anger just drains out. The long breaths soothe your anger and eventually you get a hold of our tongue. The results are great and you start feeling better about yourselves.

9. Think of Good Times


The main objective is to divert ourselves from the anger so that it does not produce disastrous results. A good way is to think of the good times we have spent. It might be the times we and the person concerned have spent or some random good times. The good times bring in some good memories and lighten our mood. The anger starts to decrease in the next few seconds. And we do NOT hurt the person or ourselves.

8. Do something that makes you Happy


Do anything, just about anything that will lift your mood and make you happy. After all, we do not want others to bear the burns of our anger, right? So, the trick to control anger is to do anything that makes you happy. Sing a song, appreciate the nature, buy yourself some chocolates or ice cream of your favorite flavor, or pamper yourself at a spa. Do just anything that makes you happy. When you are happy, the goodness of it covers up the adverse effects of your anger and your mood gets better.

7. Read your Favorite Book


Remember, not just any book. Read only your favorite book. A book that you have read several times before and fall in love with it each time you read it. When you are angry at someone for some particular reason, get hold of this particular book that you love. Open any random page and start reading it. Keep reading until you can feel yourself calmer. When you read your favorite book or any part of it, you again start appreciating the sheer work of excellence by the author and get into an imaginary world of the book. This is a great way to control anger.

6. Listen to your Favorite Song Music


As we all know, is loved by one and all. Music possesses healing power like nothing else. Music can heal broken hearts, loneliness and all other negativity surrounding us. It also cools down our anger and the anxiety. It can be any kind of music you listen to when you are angry. Access to music nowadays is possible from every nook and corner. So the next time you lose your temper, just remember to switch on your i-pod or your phone and just let the music flow in your system so that it drains out your anger.

5. Self Talk


Self talk is a great way to control anger. The method is to implement this as soon as you feel your temper is on a rising scale. Imagine the person you are angry at, is standing in front of you. Talk to him or her. Tell the imaginary figure which action or word of his or her has made you angry. Talk on his part as well. This might take a lot of time to cool down your anger but it is very effective. When you do self talking, you feel you have already communicated with the person and expressed your pent up anger. So when you meet the person in real, you do not burst out on him or hurt him. Rather you sit and talk and bring out a possible solution to the issue.

4. Engage yourself in Physical Activity


Physical activities are a great way to occupy one’s mind and divert it from anger. When you get angry, do a lot of physical work. For short distances, take a walk. Climb the stairs, do not use the elevator. If you are outside, get busy clicking pictures with your phone or get down from the bus and walk for some time. When at home, you have plenty of options. Start cooking food, start dusting your furniture, re arrange the position of the sofa and the almirah, wash your clothes. What happens is that anger dying to come out from inside, actually comes out when you are working. The activity you start doing, gets done faster because you take out your anger on it. And after the work is done, you will feel a lot more relaxed.

3. Remember the Good Things that Person has done for you


When you are angry at someone, it is very easy to shout at him or hurt him. But what we do not understand is that it is equally easy to try to remember why we love that person. In the past, you might have taken help form him. He might have done some favors to you. He might have helped you with your project or helped you with a suggestion when you were in problem. Try to remember them before you open your mouth out of anger. This really helps.

2. Get Away from the Scene Immediately


If all of the above mentioned tips fail to work or click you at the right moment, the best thing to do is to run away from that scene when you are angry. It might seem a little weird or rude to the one standing in front, but trust me, it is a lot better than to hurt that person with our words. Getting away from the scene and the person in moments of anger is a smart move and gives you enough time to calm down and think of possible solutions.

1. Meditate


All said and done, as we come to the end of the list, I now present to you the most important point of controlling your anger. Meditation, it is. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds. Meditation might sound boring to many but it can work like magic and solve a lot of our inner problems. Also it helps a person in dealing with his anger. It is enough if you meditate only once during the day for 15-20 minutes, sitting in a straight position. This gives us calmness and composure. After all, prevention is better than cure.