10 Reasons why Switzerland is famous

10 Reasons why Switzerland is famous

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and every ‘Euro-tripper’ definitely puts this country in his/her hot list. The country is small and full of natural beauty, lakes, rivers, snow clad mountains and beautiful scenery. One of the richest countries in the world, Switzerland is famous for countess number of things and its cities are ranked to have one of the highest quality of lives. Switzerland never fails to leave a lasting impression on every visitor’s mind all thanks to its famous chocolates, skiing experience and natural beauty to name a few. Here are top 10 things for which this beautiful nation is famous for.

10) The top of Europe- Jungfrau

Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe

Jungfrau is known as ‘Top of Europe’ with railways lines going right up there via a panoramic view of the countryside. The visitors get to witness eye blinding white snow all around and the viewing platforms present there make the experience all the more breath-taking. A world heritage site, Jungfrau is an extremely famous family-holiday destination with year round attractions like the ice palace, the plateau for walks in eternal snow and the Sphinx building. Mount Titles, another peak in the Swiss Alps is a popular destination which gives equally breath taking experience.

9) Swiss Watches


Precision! This is the top of mind association anyone has with Swiss watches. They are one of the most beautifully made watches and wearing one immediately gives a person an altogether different feeling of aristocracy and bliss. Aesthetically and technically robust, these watches are precise, reliable and elegant. The Swiss watch industry has survived the tide of times with innovation being the key but at the same time assuring the historic quality for which they have been always known for. They may be highly priced, but are worth to own.

8) Natural beauty


Switzerland is by far the most blessed country in terms of natural beauty. With well-developed infrastructures which make the beautiful country very accessible, one can enjoy a view of the vast meadows and beautiful old village huts from his/her train window. The ‘Golden pass panoramic railway’ has been made specifically to serve this purpose. Even the snow clad mountains are made accessible through cable cars and trams and there is no need to hike to get to a mountain top. The beautiful lakes are clean, still and peaceful. Most of the visits to natural beauties are covered by ‘EuRail’ passes which are taken by almost every traveler.

7) Lakes


Swiss lakes are the epitome natural beauty and calmness. A boat ride in the lake of Lucerne city provides an experience better than the famous Fjords of Norway. Similarly visiting lakes Thun and Speiz is one of kind experience and stopping at small lakeside villages make the experience all the more enchanting. The lakes are large and long with mountains surrounding them on both sides giving a unique pristine experience.

6) Large Hadron Collider (CERN)


LHC as it is popularly known, is the largest and most powerful particle collider in the world built by CERN and is situated near Geneva. It is one of the largest and most complex experimental facilities in the world and lies in a 27 km long tunnel which is 574 feet below the earth’s surface. The Collider was built to solve unsolved questions of physics which encapsulate particle physics and high energy physics theories. The LHC is a popular tourist attraction with free entry on certain days.

5) Swiss Army Knife


In the later 19th century, the Swiss government required every soldier to have pocket knives. Victorinox is the original company which produces authentic Swiss army knives after it won a government contract to manufacture such knives. Even today the knives are bought by Swiss government for its soldiers. A Swiss knife has many blades, each for a different purpose, making it a handy multipurpose tool. Many replicas of the original one are available now.

4) International Committee of Red Cross


The Famous Red Cross was established in Geneva and is a medical non- government organization. It provides medical help to people affected by war and disease and upholds the spirit of humanity all over the world. A two time Nobel Peace prize winner, ICRC constitutes both the Red Cross and the Red Crescent society. The famous ‘red cross’ medical symbol belongs originally to ICRC.

3) Swiss Cheese


This beautiful country is world famous for producing a large variety of cheese. ‘Cheese with wine’ is a favourite among the Swiss people with different type of cheese for white and red wine. Fondue is the most famous Swiss cheese variety which is generally enjoyed in winter. Certain flavours of cheese are melted along with white wine, brandy and garlic to produce a unique Swiss drinking experience.

2) Swiss Bank


Swiss bank and huge amounts of money are synonymous. Having a Swiss Bank accounts means that you have lots and lots of money! The bank maintains secrecy about all its transactions providing room for tax evasion and fraud and hence is often known as the black money bank of the world. Electronic hacking is very difficult in this bank and since the Swiss are already very rich, the government never interferes with the bank’s proceedings. The secrecy clause ensures the client’s money is safe with access being granted only to the client. Indians are the ones who have the greatest value of deposits in the Swiss Bank.

1) Chocolates


And finally, chocolates form the icing on the cake for Switzerland being so famous. Swiss chocolates are considered the best milk chocolates in the world. The large Swiss cows produce high quality milk in abundance which is why Switzerland is where milk chocolate was invented. Chocolate making is definitely an art, and not everyone can excel in it given all the ingredients. The Swiss excel in this art and their internationally branded chocolates are known for high quality and awesome taste.